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Working to Get Your Business Noticed

The most important aspect of any business is the client. If your business can’t reach interested parties, then no matter how great or affordable your product is, it will never sell. That’s where our digital marketing team at Fredrickson Communications comes in. Based out of Mebane, NC, we work with businesses across the U.S. for their search engine optimization (SEO) and directory optimization needs. 

Designing Brand Strategies that Work

When consumers think of a service or product, do they think of your company first? If not, contact our digital marketing team, and we’ll design brand-specific strategies to make you the leading business in your field. With the proper use of SEO and directory optimization services, our team can not only help your business stand out among similar businesses, but we’ll also ensure your clients receive the correct information across all of your platforms. 

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We’re in the business of finding the best solution for your business so you can be found on Google and across social media, and we partner with other companies, including Vivial™, to do just that. With products and services including social media management, online ads, website development, custom content, SEO, and custom reporting, there are a wide variety of solutions that we have access to in order to help your business be successful online. Reach out today to learn how we can boost your searchability and reach.