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If the foundation has cracks, the house will eventually crumble down. The same goes for businesses. (Source: Forbes)

According to Forbes magazine, a strong business model, marketing to the right customer base, and labor efficiency establishes a strong foundation centered around success.


  • Employees who exercise their strengths on a daily basis are 8% more productive and 6x more likely to be engaged. (Source: Gallup)


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Change is scary but, you must have change to grow

Consulting Services

Why do people need business consultants?

During our tenure in Corporate America, we quickly discovered the unmet need of outside assistance for problem solving, diagnosis of challenges & opportunities, and building commitment around a corrective action.  The average American company fears change and this fear trickles down to its employees through outdated processes and plans of action.  Our consultants focus their efforts around permanently improving organizational effectiveness while taking fear and turning it into power. 

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Our staff at Fredrickson Communications offers a 1 hr free consultation focusing on the business area of your choice.  From telecommunication needs to marketing to business operations, our executives will work hard to recommend effective processes and procedures designed to save your company money and increase your overall profit margin.